The blog of Mirai Empowerment café on November 22nd

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Hello everyone! I am Zhao Ruifeng, a second-year doctoral student in our Empowerment Science lab. Today, I'm pleased to share the experience of attending this Mirai Empowerment café with you.

This Empowerment café was held in an online format hosted by Watanabe sensei on November 22nd at 6pm. The café was attended by Power-up teachers as well as members of the empowerment lab. The speaker for this café was Sakai sensei, who gave us a lecture on the topic of Play and Toys that Nurture the Power to Create the Future - Child Empowerment through Play.

During the presentation, Sakai sensei explained in detail the types of play for children, the relationship between play and child development, and the support that can be provided to children. In specific, Sakai sensei also mentions the association between play and the development of children's social skills, and indeed the history of society. These contents refreshed our perception of what children's plays are all about. After the presentation, Sakai sensei answered our questions in a very professional manner. It was very beneficial to us and we really felt that the knowledge we learned and the research we are going to do are relevant to the future development of children in this society.


It was a great honor to attend the café and we are grateful to Sakai sensei for her wonderful lecture on children's play. We all look forward to the next Empowerment café!


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