Kyoei Hoikuen Visit

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Hello! I'm Afsari, a second-year doctoral student at the Empowerment Science lab of the University of Tsukuba. Today, I'm excited to share one of the most memorable experiences I've had.

On the beautiful morning of November 17th, 2023, four eager learners—Zhu zhu san, Li San, Wang San, and myself (Afsari)—embarked from Tsukuba toward Kyoto. Accompanying us on the bullet train was our esteemed professor.

Our destination? The "Kyoei Childcare Center/ Minori Childcare Center," nestled in the heart of Kyoto, surrounded by picturesque shrines and mountains. This unique daycare center operates both day and night, offering its services simultaneously.

Our purpose for the visit was to present our survey report, crafted from the annual analysis of Child Care Cohort data. During our time there, we expressed our gratitude to the childcare center for their years-long collaboration, sharing invaluable data aimed at elevating the quality of childcare in Japan. Engaging in meaningful discussions about the strengths and challenges faced by their children compared to national standards enriched our interaction.

Post-presentation, Mukuda-sensei and Kobayashi sensei warmly ushered us inside the childcare center. The environment exuded warmth, vibrant colors, and a child-friendly ambiance. What struck me the most was the children's lack of shyness; they fluently greeted and welcomed us. Additionally, the center's approach to child-rearing emphasizes self-sufficiency, teaching kids basic life skills like eating, bathing, and cleaning at an early age. This cultural contrast was truly eye-opening. In Bangladesh, children typically rely entirely on their parents, but learning these skills early on fosters responsibility.


Following the childcare center visit, Professor Anme sensei took us to a renowned Negiyaki restaurant, recommended by ‘Kobayashi sensei’. Here, we indulged in the famous and delectable Negiyaki (Green onion pancake) from the Kyoto and Osaka regions. Its exquisite taste was truly unforgettable!


Overall, the experience left a lasting impression. I eagerly anticipate delving further into Japan's culture and exploring evidence-based child-rearing practices in the future.

Al last, thank you very much Mukuda-sensei, the principal of Kyoei Child Care Centre, and all the other committed childcare professionals who kindly give us their time. Your relentless commitment is genuinely precious.

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