Bruna’s Welcome Party on November 15th

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Hello, everyone! I'm Pei, a first year MPH student in the empowerment lab. And today it is my great honor to share the welcome party with you.

The welcome party was held in our empowerment lab (offline), to celebrate Bruna Navarone Santos-san’s successful arrival in Japan. Bruna is from Brazil, and will spend one year as a special doctoral program student in our empowerment lab in the future with us.

Firstly, Anme sensei warmly welcomes Bruna san's arrival and looks forward to Bruna san enjoying her studies and life in Japan. Then, the lab members took turns introducing themselves to Bruna san and expressing the joy of meeting her, as well as their desire to progress together with Bruna san in the future. At the same time, Bruna san also expressed gratitude to everyone and presented the prepared gifts. We also shared cakes and tea together and had a pleasant and intense exchange.

bruna party

We all enjoyed it very much today! And we are looking forward to studying and working with the different academic minds from different countries that can inspire us, and making contributions to health and empowerment research together in the future.

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