The Blog of Attend the Tobishima Meeting

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Hello everyone! I'm Soko, a first-year doctoral student in our Empowerment Lab.

On October 26, we had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the Tobishima Meeting, focusing on long-term care insurance planning and disability sector policy development. Tobishima Village located in the southwestern part of Aichi Prefecture and boasts numerous beautiful landscapes.

During this meeting, we had the invaluable chance to engage in the development of long-term care insurance and disability policies. This is crucial for understanding the social security system, policy formulation, as well as the challenges and opportunities in long-term care. We collaborated with representatives from various sectors in Tobishima Village to explore how we can better meet the needs of the community, particularly in the realm of long-term care and disability services.
The scenic beauty of Tobishima Village made this meeting even more special. This opportunity not only allowed us to gain important insights into policies and social services but also appreciate the beauty of nature.


Cosmos flowers were in full bloom in the field of Mr. Hattori, the former vice-mayor, who took great care of us.

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