SYSTED 2023 in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

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Hi everyone, I am Hilda, second year of doctoral program in empowerment lab.
After three years of waiting, we may finally have SYSTED23 offline in Mongolia!
Anme-sensei, Zhu Zhu, Li Xiang and me participated the SYSTED23 conference offline, while the other members joined it offline. It was a fantastic and unforgettable event for us!
We were able to meet our seniors, Amaraa and Choko, as well as other members of the committee! We also express our great appreciation to all the organizers of SYSTED23 in Mongolia.

Experts from all over the world participated in the SYSTED23 for exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience related to the community empowerment and respecting diversity, such as transferring ideas about child welfare, geriatric care, well-being, human development, and etc. Everything said there was priceless to us.
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We were also invited to experience what it was like to be a native Mongolian by participating in the "Nomadics Culture Festival." During the event, we had the opportunity to enter a Ger - a Mongolian tent - and be greeted by the tribal chief.
SYSTED23 _04

We were also taken to another region to enjoy the tastiest lamb we've ever had! As if the joy wasn't enough, we were also surprised with a SYSTED23 Horse reward intended for the SYSTED family! What a wonderful present!
SYSTED23 _05

After that, we went to the Rehabilitation Development Centre for Children with Disabilities, which was a really attractive structure with finished facilities on the interior. Also, we resumed our adventure by visiting the Social Welfare, which is administered by Mongolian NGOs for the elderly and individuals suffering from disabilities and mental illnesses.
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Following that, we went to Amaraa's house to meet his lovely family. We saw pictures and items from 10 years ago at his house and saw how quickly time passes.
SYSTED23 _09

As a perfect conclusion, we also visited the painting museum, which showcases the splendour of traditional Mongolian paintings. That concludes our tour to Mongolia. People come and go, but memories stay. We look forward to seeing each other again soon!
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