Smile Action Study Meeting on September 16th

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Hello, everyone. I’m Pei, a research student in the empowerment lab.
It’s my honor to attend and record this meeting.

First of all, Anme sensei gives a brief speech, and then the speakers
begin to deliver.

The first presenter is Aoki sensei, whose theme is "New forms of public
childcare". Aoki sensei explains the background, current situation,
influencing factors, objectives, and support methods of public childcare.
And he proposes a new image of public childcare, including the status of
participants, what needs to be prepared, basic content, and expected results.

The second presenter is Ota sensei, whose theme is "Practice of the
picture book——18 tips for everyone to use empowerment in full spirit".
She focuses on the situation of COVID-19 infection and human rights.
From the initial reduction of educational activities to prevent infection
to the later relaunching of educational activities due to awareness of
the importance of education and human rights have been valued throughout
the process. At the same time, Ota sensei pays attention to the practical
use of empowerment picture books in this situation and summarizes the
effects of empowerment picture books on human rights, including making
children better understand themselves and improve education and the

The third presenter is Tanaka sensei, whose theme is "Efforts and
consciousness of students facing the construction of healthy and
happy communities". She mentions the concept and background of
"Health for all", and shows the results of relevant activities and plans.
At the same time, through the responses of participants in the questionnaire,
Tanaka sensei also learns about the changes in students' thoughts and
deepens the understanding and impression of participants through brochures.


The fourth presenter is Matsumoto san, whose theme is "The
characteristics of childcare environment under the expansion
of COVID-19 infection". He investigates the caregivers of children
aged 0-6 in Japanese nurseries and kindergartens, especially
analyzes the basic situation and causes of changes in the childcare
environment from 2019 to 2020, and summarizes the characteristics
and support of the childcare environment.

The fifth presenter is Zhuzhu san, whose theme is "The impact of
COVID-19 infection expansion on preschool children's social skills:
a study by the China Childcare Association". Her research focuses
on children aged 3-5 from five kindergartens in Xuzhou City, China,
and aims to clarify the impact of beating and scolding education on
preschool children. And Zhuzhu san's research conclusions include
that beating and scolding are inappropriate education methods, and
teachers should work with parents to educate children correctly.

After that, Attendees discuss the details of doubts in the previous
presentation and exchange views on the current situation of children's
development and plans for childcare.

From today's meeting, we learn about the latest situation and research
status of child care and development and are inspired by the presentation.

We all enjoy it today and look forward to the next time!

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