Childcare Practice in Kokurakita Fureai Childcare Center

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Hello, everyone! I am Li Xiang, a second-year PhD student in Empowerment
Science Lab. We got a precious opportunity to have the childcare practice in
Kokurakita Fureai Childcare Center under the professional guidance of Sakai
Hatsue-sensei and Sakai Gisyu-sensei at the end of this beautiful summer.

During this practice, we got a lot of practical knowledge such as how to
organize the daily activities for children, dietary education, sleep check,
multi-professional collaboration, support for caregivers and so on. We also
deeply learned the childcare system and organization. Besides, we also
got precious ideas about how to improve the evaluation tools for providing
better childcare support in the future. The wonderful communication with
childcare professionals impressed us so much. We are moved by their
professional skills and passion for the childcare. The smiles from the
children were the best gifts for our research career.

We really appreciate that we can get such valuable opportunity to have
practice in the childcare center. Best thanks to Sakai Hatsue-sensei and
Sakai Gisyu-sensei, also to all the childcare professionals and children in
Kokurakita Fureai Childcare Center.

This practice experience benefited us a lot. We believe that we can use
learned knowledge to make more happiness for children all over the world.
We also wish that Kokurakita Fureai Childcare Center can get more success
in the future!
(We took photos with cute gate of Kokurakita Fureai Childcare Center 🙂)


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