Empowerment lab visited Tobishima

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Hi, everyone. I’m Zhu, the first-year doctoral program student in empowerment lab. We
visitedthe Tobishima Mura on 13th-14th, January.
Firstly, Anme sensei gave us an introduction about the Empowerment Picture Book.
Anme sensei emphasized that the important role of Empowerment in the daily life and
Secondly, Anme sensei gave Tobishima officers an empowerment workshop. The workshop
was made up of three important questions that can help officer empower residents in
Tobishima. The questions are what’s the most important things that the residents care
about? How we (officers) can do with the residents? What do you wish the Tobishima
Mura to look like in the next ten years? The staff not only made discussions and produced
beautiful posters.
Lastly, we studied a lecture on suicide prevention measures. Through this experience,
everyone was impressed by the passion and smile from the offices in the Tobishima Mura.
We have learned a lot of empowerment theory from the practice perspective. We all
enjoyed the workshops and look forward to the next one!


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