Learn, Understand and Empower through FGI

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Please maintain your safety measures against COVID
19 and stay healthy”

Hello, I am Afsari, a M2 student from Empowerment
science laboratory. I am honored to get a chance to share
about our FGI class which has been held today!

So, what might be the first question in our mind?

“What is FGI?”

In our FGI class, Anme sensei explained about FGI and
its overall purpose. FGI (Focus group interview) is a way
to gather a lot of information which are very close to the
real life of people by applying group dynamics because
in a single person to person interview that much information
can’t be obtained.
The main purpose of this FGI is to get an overall idea of general
background information on a theme of interest. If one person in
a group talks about one topic other people also feel interest to
express their opinion in that topic.

Zhang san, a member of our empowerment lab conducted
the interview session. Participants were so happy to get a
chance to talk and share about themselves.

Li san, another lab member gave a lecture about FGI. We
learned about the elements of group dynamics which are
Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Environmental, the method,
advantages and limitation of FGI.
Also, Wang san, M1 student of our lab made a wonderful
presentation about it. Except our lab members, some students
have also participated and presented today.

It is indeed a great opportunity for us to learn about FGI and
empower ourselves.

Hopefully, in near future, we can also implement this kind of
focus group interview for data collection in our own country
and empower others.

So, Good luck everyone in the journey of making a world of


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