Empowerment café workshop on 14th May.

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With the severity of the COVID-19, please take good care of

Hello, everyone! I am Liu, a first year Ph.D. student in our
Empowerment Science Lab. And today I am glad to share
the empowerment café with you.

The theme of today’s café is “Children need to play even with corona”
and still held online because of Covid-19.

Aramaki-sensei introduced us to many games that we can play
with children, such as dancing and songs. For the practice part,
the children who participated in the café chose their favorite
songs, and we played with the children together. It can be seen
that the children had a very enjoyable café.


Due to the impact of the global epidemic, children’s
communication with others has decreased.This will affect
the child's development. As a member of Empowerment,
we need to change this situation, to empower children
and to support them.

Even in the Covid-19, it is our responsibility to give children
a good growth Environment..

Let’s looking forward to seeing again at next empowerment


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