Welcome Party

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Hello everyone, this is HU, the trainee in this lab.
It’s getting colder in recent days. I hope you all can take care of yourselves.

We spent a very unforgettable and meaningful day together on October 9th.
After the seminar, we held a party to extend a warm welcome to the new
members, Sana-san, Li-san, and Kaku-san, in our lab.

We made rice balls by ourselves. The delicious rice was given by Hattori-san
from Tobishima as a present. In addition, we were impressed by Hattori-san’s
sincere heart and enjoyed the wonderful food with gratitude. Because of the
frequent concern from village head and villagers, we are so move and grateful
for their kindness. It is a great fortune to have this chance that we get together
and share this special gift.

rice ball2

We communicated with each other in a warm atmosphere just like we’re family.
And I believe that we can get over all of the difficulties together. Then we took
a new photo and everyone in it showed a beautiful smile.

IMG_0446 改

Sana-san, Li-san, and Kaku-san, I believe that there will be an incredible
relationship between all of us and we can gain and study from our partnerships.

I think it would be a special day which can be regarded as a wonderful memory.
Let’s look forward to the future.


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