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Hello, everyone! I'm SUN, the research student in our empowerment lab.
Today, Professor Shinohara gave us a wonderful lecture about the empowerment of the healthy
combination between parents and child.
Professor Shinohara explained the definition of the "the healthy combination between parents and child"
and the necessity of this subject.
Then he stated the viewpoint of this lecture. It is essential to use mother and
child health information flexibility with several specific methods.
Firstly, Professor Shinohara highlighted the summarization about
how to use the data of mother and child health information flexibility.


Then, we learned from the lecture about data statistics divided into three parts.
The first one is how to collect data. For example, by manual inputting into excel;
by using statistics functions in excel.
The second one is how to use statistics software flexibility. By using a span-new system
such as the Child Health Diagnostic Information System to turn data into an excel table clearly.
The last one is gain conclusion through contrast the data.
Furthermore, Professor Shinohara also added that it is crucial to make a crossover scale.
He indicated that crossover scale is an effective way to investigate a large group of people.
It was a very meaningful lecture which made us understand the healthy combination
between parents and child and how to use the data of empowerment flexibility.
Thanks again for Professor Shinohara。ッs fascinating academic speech.
We all appreciate it a lot.

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