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Hello, everyone! I am TAO, the M1 student in our empowerment lab.
Today, Professor. Miyazaki gave us a wonderful lecture about the empowerment
of realizing inclusion of lifetime.
Professor. Miyazaki explained the definition of “the disabled”,
including physical disabled, cognitive disabled, mental disabled.
He also stated the viewpoint of this lecture. The disabled are not just
connected to medical model, it also can be considered in a social model.
There is also a comparison between diversity and inclusion.
Three necessary factors need to be considered in diversity. For example,


trying to improve the institution and rules; trying to change the social environment;
trying to change your attitude, awareness and actions.
We also learned from the lecture that there are two types of diversity.
In primary dimension, nationality, race, gender, LGBT, age, the disabled or not disabled are included,
while in the secondary dimension, education, occupation, income, marriage, lifestyle,
region are covered.
Hence, we can find that there are four stages to advance empowerment: denial, social support,
participation and self-realization.
It was a very meaningful lecture which made us understand the situation of the disabled
and how to realize the empowerment of inclusion in our lifetime.
Thanks again for Professor. Miyazaki’s fascinating academic speech.
We all appreciate it a lot.


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