Happy & Healthy Longevity research at Tobishima

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Hello everyone, the summer is coming, are you ready to welcome hot life.
From 11th to 12th in June, we spent 2 days in Tobishima village.
It is a very meaningful journey for us.
The purpose of this journey is to do a investigation to verify the effects of
community empowerment and achieve a "health and longevity village "
with residents and employment in local.
The Tobishima village give us a deep impression because of its “connection”,
they are contenting with their current life, so they deeply appreciate everything they received.
It is a very estimable place for them. I think this village must be developed better in future.

Tobishima staffs and us

We have finished the investigation. We will be back!

Let us keep the wonderful and meaningful memory in our mind!


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