Welcome party!

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Hello everyone! This is Hanayo who is the new student in this Lab.
During the Sakura blossom season, I hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

Today we spent a very unforgettable and meaningful time together.
First, Prof.Anme held the workshop for us on how to use the empowerment knowledge in 10years.
We drew the pictures of our life in 10years and everyone made a presentation to describe their ideal dreams.
We all enjoyed our presentations especially the presentation from Prof.Anme.
She was drawing not only her common future, but also the universe.
We were all impressed by her empowerment future!
Ms.choko also provided us the wonderful ideal idea for her future.


Having finished the workshop, we held a welcome party to celebrate our entrance to master program.
I think it is a new journey and it will become a unforgettable memory in our life.
The empowerment lab is just like a warm home and our empowerment lab will share the happiness
and go through the difficulties together.
We are really looking forward to this new year.


M1 Hanayo Kasano

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