Graduation Party

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Hello everyone! I am Cui, and I'm glad to share today's party with you.
The weather is nice today, and I'm sure that we all felt the smell of spring.
Today is a special day, the graduation ceremony of senior students was held today.
So, we had a party after our seminar to celebrate the senior students ' graduation.
At the party, the seniors expressed their feelings for the past two years.
In this memorable two years, they not only learned about empowerment and medical knowledge,
but also learned to help each other and understand each other. Although two years not long,
they have made great progress. The graduates expressed their deep appreciation for the training
of our teachers. And they thanked the doctors who had instructed them.
Finally, they gave the M1 students and research students blessings and suggestions.


This is the cake of the party, the person on the cake is driving the car to run forward,
which expressed our wishes to the five M2 seniors.
We hope they will go further and higher in their field of work after they graduate.
Today, seniors of M2 dressed very beautiful, they wore Japanese kimono or Chinese traditional costumes.
We are very envious, and also hope that we can also wear the traditional clothes when we graduate.


Everyone while eating a pleasant conversation, some people said the future plan of themselves,
while some people asked seniors about their research problems.
Finally, two of four-year college graduates also came to our lab, they also thanked teachers and seniors,
and then shared the cake with everyone and took a photo with us.


Congratulations on your graduation!Thank you for your company for two years in our lab!


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