第4-1回 日本保健福祉学会研究セミナー

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Hello, everyone. How are you? I’m Tao.
On the fourteenth of March, we enjoyed a very meaningful day
at Tsukuba University of Tokyo Campus.
Prof. Taeko Watanabe gave us a lecture on how to use R to analyze data.
We all appreciated it a lot. We were also impressed by Prof. Yuichi Watanabe.
He was the host of the lecture. The whole seminar
was wonderful and meaningful.


At first, Prof. Taeko Watanabe gave us a brief introduction of R,
so we can have an initial understanding of R.
Then she taught us how to install R, R studio and the package of R.
After we had all finished installing, she taught us some basic settings step by step.
We also learned some basic knowledge of programming. Although this subject is very difficult,
we can gradually comprehended it under Prof. Taeko Watanabe's guidance. 
Every time we finished a procedure, she paused and asked us if we have any question.
When she found someone has questions, she will help them with patience.
The whole seminar lasts till afternoon, and everyone listened carefully.
This seminar is so significant. It can help us learn empowerment sciences better.
We can use what we learned to do more research and analysis.
We all hope that we can have such a significative seminar again in the future.


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