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Hello everyone !
How about your life and study in recently?
I hope you can enjoy it everyday!
On the forth of April , we had a meaningful day at Arcadia building in Ichigaya.

At 10:00 am, we held a meeting about the nighttime childcare working.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss how to build a better system to improve
the quality of service for nighttime childcare.
And all participants made their own comments,
like what is the most important point in nighttime childcare working
and what difficulties have they encountered in their work.
Finally, all participants shared their valuable suggestions about how to universalize and improving the nighttime childcare.

After the meeting, we have a very delicious meal together.
At 2:00 pm, we held another meeting for empowerment.
The title of this meeting is the how to use empowerment to improve the partnership in childcare.
And in this meeting, four speakers had 4 speeches to share the experience for the relationship
between the empowerment and partnership. These speeches are really interesting and we learn a lot from these speeches.
At 4:00 pm, we ended the meeting and we all think that today is a very meaningful day.
After the meeting. we had a meal in a italian restaurant!

I hope we can participate in such a meaningful activity again in future together.


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