A farewell party for Amaraa san

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Hello everyone!
How is everything going these days?
Today, We were happy to attend the farewell party
for Amaraa san which was held in our lab.

It's been two months since Amaraa san came to Japan from Mongolia,
but we all feel the time flies.
In the past two months, we attended the discussion class and attended the conference in Tokyo together,
making us very unforgettable.
These days Amaraa san told us the current situation surrounding children in Mongolia,
listening to Amaraa san's big success in Mongolia after graduation,
I once again learned the importance of empowerment and also led to my own motivation upgrading.
We are very honoured to learn about these.
In the farewell party, We asked him a lot of questions of our own interest,
he taught us a few Mongolian, we find Mongolian is difficult, but very interesting.

We are very impressed with this gathering,
and we look forward to meeting with Amaraa san again.



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