Thanks for great presentations & Welcome Party

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Hello everyone!
It is a little bit cold today, but it is really warm in our lab.
Because two guests came to our lab from Sweden.

Prof. Gerd and Prof. Christina from Lund University.
They made wonderful presentations for us.

From Prof. Gerd’s presentation,
I was amazed at complex intervention research to improve palliative care for old people.
I have learned that the availability of palliative care is unequal across the country and between diagnosis and age
and has traditionally been provided successfully to persons dying from incurable cancer.
Older persons dying of multiple morbidities or ”old age” has received far less of this type of care.
So the project on palliative for older people is important.

From Prof. Christina’s presentation,
I have learned the difference between patient-centered care and person centered care.
I also have learned Death café is a pop-event where people get together to talk about death, and have a tea and delicious cake.

China is also facing aging society now, but the system in China is not completed. About the death café,
in China it still is not popular, so I think there could be many things for me to do for my country in the future.

After the presentation, we held a party.
We prepared delicious food.
During the lunch time, we discussed a lot and spent happy time together.

Hope the picture can convey our happiness to you.
See you next time.

Chen Panpan

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