第8回 みらいエンパワメントカフェ

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Hi, everyone.
I’m Tao, and I am a trainee in this laboratory.
It’s a great pleasure for me to write this blog.
Recently, the weather has gradually become cold, and we should be sure to keep warm.
This empowerment seminar was held in International Culture Hall.
It is a great pleasure for us to invite Professor Katahira to give a lecture.
Professor Katahira is professional in brand management.
He has great influence on enterprises both at home and abroad.

This time Professor Katahira gave us a lecture on the cycle of smiles.
He clarified a sustainable spiral of smiles. At first, he explained why a brand was created and he listed two points.
One point was that many factors have contributed to the formation of brands.
For example, customers, talents, mass publicity, government, money, chance and so on.

The other point was that everybody in this campaign works hard and finally gets achievements.
These achievements gathered together and at last created a greater fascination.
There were still many other points. For example, if every member in a campaign continuously shows their love,
trusts, and praise, the relationship between them will always be in harmony.
We can find some explanation for it from empowerment.

Empowerment is something that gives people hopes and dreams, brings them courage,
and prompts them to be filled with the strength to live.
It is the empowerment that draws out that magnificent power.
It is empowerment that allows the vital force and potential that lie hidden deep within us to flow.

IMG_5621 (1)

Later, Professor Katahira gave us a picture to clearly demonstrate the factors
in the cycle of smile and it was going deeper.
Professor Katahira told us that brand is a game of memory. It is a cumulation of the receptors’ memories.
Professor Katahira showed us that there were three conditions for memory:
the experience of smiles, the impression of brand and “why&who”.
There are also three important factors for smiles: expectation, surprises, and respect.
Professor Katahira cited many brands as examples like SK-II, Line and so on.
And he made a detailed explanation for MUJI. Professor Katahira also cited some quotes.
What impressed me a lot was that “Brand is not a Promise, but a Universe.”(Kapferene & Bastien, 2012)
Professor Katahira paid a lot of effort in this area and we all felt the hard working he had done.
Professor Katahira is so humorous that we were all attracted to him.

Through his presentation, we learned that smile is important in brand culture
and if a campaign wants to create a brand successful,
they must make a lot of efforts and pay much attention to the cycle of smiles.
This empowerment seminar ended in a satisfactory way.
We learned a lot about the brand culture and were impressed by Professor Katahira.
This will help us to have a better study in the future. We are all looking forward to the next meeting.

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