第1回夜間保育園ワーキング会議  第七回みらいエンパワメントカフェ

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We are trainees and we are very honored and proud to have the opportunity to report this meeting.
This meeting was held in Tsukuba University of Tokyo Campus.The purpose of this meeting is to
explore the future development of night child care and to share the experience of night child care.
As leads in this field,they are committed to the development of night child care in the whole country.
These professors aim to improve the quality of each child care of all the children and have a high degree
of enthusiasm for the child care, which is worth us learning.They have set up the childcare centers in
different parts of Japan to provide care for children of different ages and different family backgrounds.
Sometimes it goes very hard,just like they found that there are also a large part of people who don’t care
about the child care.Many people have a bad impression on this work and most of them consider it tiring and boring.
Although they there are many obstacles on the development road,their efforts also resulted in a lot of success.
And the child care professors' hard working makes us admire them very much .
During the meeting, they paid attention to these issues.Many teachers expressed their views on these problems.
Some teachers suggest that we can firstly carry out our job in a limited area and when it develops stronger,
we can expand it. Others pointed out that we don’t have a deep understanding of
the market requirement and we must implement the “Talking to Support” based on the market requirement. Later,
other professors added some points, such as increasing the number of childcare workers.
At 6 p.m, Mr. Miyazaki gave us an advertise of their life care team.
We know from it that this team benefits those who are eager to have a job but are disabled and some children
who have physical problems. In his opinion,disabled people should also take part in social activities just like
normal people.Our relationship should be supposed to“help each other”but not“help them”.We have no difference
in this society.
Mr.Miyazaki paid a lot of effort in this area and we all felt the hard working that he had done.So this is a very novel and rare
point of veiw and it got a great deal of approval.
Mr. Miyazaki is so humorous that we were all attracted by him.
Through his spresentation, we learned that people only care about what they want to know and
sometimes we believe in “First Impressions are strongest”.
This meeting ended in a satisfactory way. We learned a lot about the night child care and are impressed by Mr. Miyazaki.
This will help us to have a better study in the future. We are all looking forward to the next meeting.

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