Congraduation party for graduation

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Hello everyone!
I'm Liu haihan. It's my honor to record this special day.
After the cold winner, we welcome the colorful spring.
As the tradition of Tsukuba University, 25th March is graduation ceremony.
After our empowerment seminar,
we held a congraduation party for graduates, Master Kato, Master Ouyang,
Master Ito, Masters Sakada, Master Kamada, Master Yang, Master Hilda,
to congratulate their graduation.
From now on they will start a new journey in different countries.
We will never forget the shining moment they spent with us.
Everyone is beautiful today! They put on their countries' traditional dress. We will nver forget their smile.
We ordered a special cake for all the graduates. We write on our wish for them on it.

Although it is hard to us to say goodbye,
but saying "Goodbye" is to hoping you know that distance doesn't mean separation,
and we all will be your backup forever.
Infinitely bright future to all the graduates and wish everyone has a good time everyday!


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