A visit to Hikosen team

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It is very warm in recent days.
With the shining sun, we visited Hikosen team in Omitama city.

Hikosen team is a volunteer group.
Their major job is to help kindergartens and elementary schools to hold story telling activities.
We went to a kindergarten and joined in a story telling activity.
They used a series of pictures while reading Japanese traditional stories.
The pictures were so beautiful that I could not believe that they were all drawn by the members of Hikosen team.

They also prepared many other activities.
They prepared some quiz of characteristics in some famous stories,
then gave the quiz by songs, and the lovely kids spoke out their answers.
The members told us they often prepare different topic following special days in each month,
for example, they chose a song and pictures of “Hinamatsuri” for March.

After the reading activity, members showed us many other stuffs for their activity.
It was really amazing that most of the stuffs were made by themselves.
There were many interesting ideas in their activities.
One thing that most touched me is that they started to do theses things since about 16 years ago,
and they never stopped thinking about new ideas.
These active elderly people seem to always enjoyed the time spent with young kids.

Dr. Christina said that in current advanced society,
when children can read stories on electronic media,
It is valuable to produce the chances like this using such a traditional way.
I hope I can find a chance to introduce this kind of activity to kindergartens in China.

Thanks to Hikosen team for providing such a good chance.
It is a impressive experience for me.

Jiang Junyu



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