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Hello everyone!
How is everything going this week?
I hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

Yesterday Prof.Akita from University of Tokyo gave us a wonderful speech
in international House of Japan at 18:00.

From the speech, Prof.Akita introduce the importance of improvement in
child care quality and essential factors which decide child care quality.
These six essential factors including environment, education,
child care professional, working atmosphere in Kindergarten, family, the cooperation with community.

Two ways to improve the quality of child care were also introduced
in this speech: training and leadership for child care professional.
How these two ways make influence on the quality of child care was explained by theory.
Additional, the level of training and leadership may also act on each other.

Finally, the Prof.Akita made a summary for meeting
and show a child caring method named:the awareness of children.
All of us benefit a lot from this meeting. Thanks for Prof.Akita’s kindly sharing and awesome speech.



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