Happy New Year

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Hello, everyone.
Although the weather is cold, but I wish something will warm your heart in this winter.

Today, we had a seminar for thesis submission of tyo san and ueda san
and the graduation announcements of M2 at 8:00 am.
After the seminar, we had a year-end party in our lab.
We prepared many kinds of delicious food for this party
like sushi, roast chicken, salad, cake, cookie, and so on!
In addition to these delicious food, we received the cake from the Indonesia by Yuri san.
Thanks for her tasty present!

Everyone in our lab shared their the luckiest thing in this year
and their wishes for coming years.
Wish your dream will come true soon in next year!
Finally, we had a cheerful chat with others.
We were happy to know each other more deeply.

Wish you have a happy new year.
I hope you can forget your sadness and welcome the new year.


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