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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well
and enjoying the winter and ready for the coming New Year.
We recently had a great speech by Doctor Koyizumi and Doctor Watanabe
at the Tsukuba University Tokyo campus.
Attendees include Professors coming from different universities and Graduate students in our Lab.
At first, Doctor Watanabe gave us a impressive speech.
We can apply the utilization of the development support system(HOP)to the Children and Rearer.
Some elements in HOP were introduced and explained about some key points
when we use HOP such as social skill standard and key age and etc,
which is very important to provide us a better understanding of utilization about HOP.


In the next section, Doctor Koyizumi gave another speech
“The crucial things to develop creativity-From a viewpoint of the brain science”.
He is a top researcher in the field of brain science.
He introduced us basics of the human behavior and evolution of the brain structure
Whats more, Doctor Koyizumi gave us detailed introduction about
hierarchical-structure of the visually recognition and the importance of art education,
which broadened our horizon in the field of brain science
and led us to convince how important the issue is.
Once we realize it and apply it to our life, it will bring a huge impact to the social.


Zhan Manting


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