Future Empowerment Café !

.05 2016 エンパワメント研究会 comment(0) trackback(0)
Hi everyone!
How was your life these days?
Let us share a great experience about today Mirai Empowerment Café!
As usual, once in a month we will have a special seminar,
And this month, Prof. Muto gave us a precious lesson.
He is a top researcher of toddler education,
Also has established strong bridge on reserach, practice and policy.
In these recent years, this issue got more attention.
Not only in Japan, but also in other countries.
Professor Muto explained about three elements in community
which really important to develop a better system.
They are academics, practices, and policies.
These three stakeholders have their own roles
and those roles interact each other.
Example, to make a new policy
some evidences or studies are needed
to convince how important the issue is.
Once a policy made, it will impact to the practical world.
It is really interesting,
How cooperation is needed to make a change.


We enjoyed the time.
And we do really hope,
We can make a better system for toddler education around the world!

*Hilda M.A. and Yashu Yang*


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