Seminar on Social behavior by Dr Sadato (NIPS) and after party.

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Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well. Some of our lab members have had
their mid-autumn festival recently. How about you?
Anme Sensei and all students of our lab welcomed
Dr. Sadato Sensei of
National Institute of Physiological Sciences (NIPS), Okazaki, Aichi.
We also welcomed good number of participants coming from various disciplines.

The speech started at 6:00 pm at the
University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus.
Dr. Sadato Sensei presented a very interesting topic
of social behavior and how the activities in our brain are correlated.
Dr Sadato Sensei introduced various scientific theories
related to social behavior first and then presented his own research.

We felt his research was even more interesting
because when he showed us the MRI images as a
part of his research to produce the results of social
behavior among the populations. Every one of us
were happy and were attentive to this interesting lecture.
For example the images of people who make donations and
those who do not make the donations and its relevance to the social behavior.
Overall it was quite an eye-opening and interesting speech.
Some of the participants from the audience asked questions
and received answer from Dr Sadato Sensei.
The speech completed at 7:30 pm.
We all really enjoyed the lecture and
it made us aware of a very interesting
aspect of social behavior.
We thank all the participants for coming and attending this great speech.

After the seminar was ended, some of the lab members of our lab and
some of the participants happily attended a after-party, everyone seem to have enjoyed it.

Amey Kulkarni

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