Ending of Summer School

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Hello, everyone!

How are you getting along this week?
Do you remember 2 weeks ago,
3 summer school students Weyland Chang , Nadhira Afina , and Kathleen CarlosWardhani came to
our lab who spent unforgettable time with us?

During these 2 weeks learning and doing research, they learnt deeper about empowerment as well
as Japanese culture.
Today they have final presentation and show what they have learnt to all of medical science teachers
and students.




We are so proud that all of summer school students gave us such wonderful and quality presentations.
It is truly a new experience for them, also for us.
We learnt from each other and enjoyed these 2 week cross the cultural boundary.
We sincerely hope that we could be friends forever.


Now, it is time to say goodbye.
We empowerment family will continue share the happiness and go through the difficulties with them together.
Thanks all lab members for supporting their work and life in these 2 weeks, especial their summer school TA,
Hilda San and Amey San, thank you for your effort.
Here, we wish them have a bright future and happiness forever!

Yu Huijuan


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