Happy birthday!Anme Sensei

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Hello everyone!
How is everything going these days?
Rainy season is coming, I hope all of you have a wonderful time!
Today we hold a birthday celebration for our Anme sensei.
Our lab members gave her a surprise by celebrating the birthday
with a beautiful and delicious birthday cake.


We really had a wonderful time together.
I wish Anme sensei a happy birthday!
After the birthday celebration, we had our empowerment seminar as usual.


By the way,today is a big day called "Open-Master Thesis Presentation" for our lab member,Yuri.
She did really great job, for presenting her research results about the association between
general and abdominal obesity with hypertension among Indonesian women. She also could
answer the questions from audiences very well, we are so proud of her.

We hope she could apply what she learned from here to empower Indonesian community
to gain a better health.
See you soon!

Zhao He


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