A wonderful welcome party!

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Hello everyone!
How is everything going these days?
The hot summer is coming, I hope all of you could
have zeal and passion for your life like this hot summer!

Today we were very happy to welcome Tanaka sensei to come back
to our lab with her lovely babyand we held a welcome party for her at
11:25 in order to let her and her baby feel our love in this lab.
We enjoyed our time with plenty of delicious food.


At 15:10 ,it's such a great honor for all of us to welcome Dr.Kiguchi
from Hitachi research institution to have a preparatory meeting for
empowerment evaluation research with us.


We gained a lot from this meeting and really appreciate this valuable chance to study.
What a wonderful day!
I hope all of you enjoy your life everyday!

Zhao He


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