☆Interview for Brazilian living in Japan☆

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Hello, everyone!
Cherry blossoms bloomed in Japan!
Spring has come!
Today, Prof. Uma continued the interview with us in the Brazilian school of Joso City,
where located in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Interviewees are Brazilians who are living in Japan.

Prof. Uma was listening carefully

During the interview, the interviewee shared their lives in Japan.
They talked a lot about difficulties and happiness they had experienced after they came to Japan.
As a foreign student,
I was impressed by one interviewee's words.
She said that she wants to made her endeavors
to contribute to the prosperity of Japanese society,
not just receive help from Japanese.
The sense of self-respect and gratitude is really important for everyone.

Interviewees were answering questions positively.

It was a really good and lucky time to join the interview,
which made us to have more concern with immigration issues in global prospective.

Yang Yashu

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