Interview for Brazilian living in Japan

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Hello everyone!
How's everything going on recently?
Spring is coming! How about going to see the cherry blossom? ^^

On 31th,March, Prof.Uma made interviews for Brazilian living in Japan in Okubo and Tsurumi.
Prof.Uma comes from University of Missouri,
and she is doing research about the life of Brazilian living in Japan.
We're lucky to be right here.
During the interview, the interviewee shared their lives in Japan.
They talked a lot about difficulties and happiness they had experienced after they came to Japan.
I was happy to feel something same as them as a foreigner in Japan during the interview.

In the evening, the interview was going on smoothly.
Everyone had a close conversation with each other.
I hope that it will be easier and more convenient for foreigners to live in Japan in the future.
And thanks to Prof.Uma for treating us several kinds of delicious Brazilian-style pizza.^^

Wish you all a happier life in Japan!
See you next time!

Junyu Jiang

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