What a wonderful day in Kobe !

.26 2016 学会・フォーラム・シンポジウム comment(0) trackback(0)
Hello, everyone!
How was your research these days?
Today, we were spending a very meaningful day!
Guess what?
We went to Kobe , a very charming city which located in the western of Japan,
and attended a symposium held in Kounan University.

In the morning, we met with Mrs. Zhang, who devoted herself to the Japanese child care study
She explained her study to us.
Her lecture was lively and vivid
and made us easier to understand.


The symposium was begun at 13:00 pm,
which was the project about Environment of Japanese Child Care Institution Research.
Firstly, Prof. Mori introduced the schedule of this symposium,
reviewed the past and achievements of this project.
Of course, our Prof. Anme also gave her view of HOME.
And then, co-researchers of this project reported their progress of studies.
What will they do in the future also be mentioned.


Anme 20160327

Our guest, Prof.Uma also had a warm speech called Children of Immigrants.
She introduced migration issues and referred effects of migration on children briefly.
Her speech left us a favorable impression.
Thanks for your coming so much!

After all speeches, audiences responded enthusiastically
and we had a lively discussion.

At the night, we were invited by the team of Kyoto University.!
We had a very delicious Japanese-style dinner together!
Thank you very much!

What a wonderful day!!
Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Yang Yashu

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