Graduation Congratulate and Welcome Pro.Uma

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Hello, everyone.
It has been almost a month since our last blog.
How is everything going in this month?
It is already the end of March, when the sakura are going to bloom. It is said that The University of Tsukuba
will become very beautiful, we are looking forward to enjoy the wonderful view of sakura.
How about you?

Today is the day of graduation ceremony of Kumi and Chen.
We host a party to celebrate their graduation,
and it was really great honor for us to welcome Professor Uma to attend our party.
Before the party Professor gave us a wonderful lecture in the topic of Abuse.
Professor Uma explain the classify of abuse, the main role of abuse situation,
even analysis the injured position of child abuse detailedly.
We all learned a lot form this lecture, and impressed deeply by the humor of Professor Uma.
Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful speech and answer our questions with great patient.



After the speech, we had a very happy lunch party together.
We enjoyed delicious sushi, salad, “Japanese particular” seafood pizza, sakara rice wine and red wine from
China and German. We also ask Professor Uma a lot of question about abuse in the topic of siblings abuse,
child abuse also the responsibility of observer.


At the end of the party, we enjoyed the graduation celebrate cake together.
We sent Professor Uma a piece of Japanese kimono, helped her to wore it.
It is very beautiful of Professor Uma to wore the Japanese kimono.
We took a lot of photos together happily.
In the afternoon, Professor Uma and Professor Anmei took part in the graduation ceremony with Kumi
and Chen also the member of our lab.

We spent a nice day with each other today.
Sincerely, we hope that Kumi can put through her doctor Ph.D. and become a excellent scholar
and Chen can find a great job in China.
We will miss the today we spent together and do not forget us after your graduation !
Last but not least, thank Professor Uma again for giving us such wonderful lecture !



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