The childcare power-up meeting in Tokyo

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Hello everyone!
How is everything going this week?
I hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

Today, We were happy to attend the meeting about the childcare power-up
which held in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
Firstly, The Prof. ANME, Chairman AMAHISA,Chief Director EDAMOTO and Vice-Chairman SAKAI
gave us a good greeting when the meeting began in 9:00 am.





After the greeting, NAKAMURA san made a speech for us
to illustrate and display the child care supporting website system.
This system is in order to collect the data from children
and their caregivers entered 5 evidence-based tools into the web system through a 12-year childcare.
Compare the questionnaire,
this website system has higher efficiency and
it will contribute to develop the child-care research in the future.
And the AP WATANABE also have illustrated this HOP website after the speech.



Afterwards,we had a hot discussion about this HOP website’s details,
every guests projected their valuable advice,
and we had a 15-minutes rest in 10:10 am.
In 12:00,we ended this discussion and had a delicious lunch.


What a good meeting!
Thanks for every guests coming, and thanks for your valuable advice!

Chen Wei

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