Happy New Year!

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Hello, everyone!
How are you getting along recently?

The New Year is coming soon.
After an empowerment seminar, we had a year-end party in our lab.
We prepared several kinds of food,
sushi, salad, fried chicken, biscuits with wine, beer and champagne!
It seems very delicious right? ^_^

Everyone in our lab shared their wishes for the coming New Year.
Hope all of our dreams will come true.
Prof. Anme said there would be 6 new members joining in our big family next year.
Just can’t wait to meet them and do research together!
Finally, we had a cheerful chat with others.
We were happy to know each other more deeply.

Wish you all a happy new year!
Are you ready for the new life next year?
Good luck!

Jiang Junyu

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