Welcome Party !

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Hello, everyone!
How’s everything going recently?

Our mood was as nice as the weather outside, because something pleasant happened in our lab yesterday.
Guess what? We were honored to have Dr. Wu back in our lab
to give us a wonderful speech about the research
and we really learned a lot from that.
Dr. Wu talked about his knowledge and experience in such a very vivid and interesting way
that really inspired us very much.
What’s more, there was a new member, Mr. Wei, joining in this big and enthusiastic family.
Professors and guests

To celebrate these two joyful events, we held a welcome party
with delicious onigiri, cakes and other Japanese food.
Everyone enjoyed the party, making onigiri by ourselves and sharing information with Dr. Wu and Mr. Wei.

every one enjoying the party
Kato,Yuri and Hilda

The wonderful time was fixed in pictures and we think you can feel our happiness in it.
big family

It was so nice to have them here.
Hope we could learn more from Dr. Wu and become professional researchers just like him!

Han Cao

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