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Hello, everyone!
How are you getting along this week?
Today, something special was happened in our lab.

After had finished our seminar, we celebrated two things.
First, we welcomed our new lab members.
There are two new research students from China,
Liu and Cao!
Just can't wait to do our research together!

Second, we prepared a bucket of flowers to surprising
our lab-leader, Watanabe Kumi.
She got an honor as the best-presenter in Japanese Society
of Human Sciences of Health-Social Services Conference.
We are so proud of her.
Prof. Anme hopes the other lab member would get
the same honor, even better.

We celebrated those two special things, by ate some cakes.
Here is the picture of our cake!


Then, we finished our meeting by took a photo together.
It was a pleasure time!


Hilda Meriyandah

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