Prof. Hoshino, Welcome to our lab !

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How is everything going this week?
Today,it was really great honor for us to welcome Prof. Hoshino
from Keio University for giving us a wonderful lecture
about behavioral economics.

He illustrated the conception of behavioral economics
by giving many vivid examples with plenty of pictures and diagrams
which made it easier for students to understand.
For example, the relationship between number of choice
and the rate of purchase aroused students interest.

After Prof. Hoshino's outstanding lecture, he came to our lab.
We were enjoying lunch party together while we were introducing
each other and asking some questions to professor.
Besides, he shared some experience for statistics learning.


At the end of the lunch party,we took a picture
with all the menbers together to eternalize the moment.
Thank you for your coming, Prof. Hoshino.
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

He Zhao

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