Mr. Itagaki, Welcome to our lab !

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Hello, everyone!
How was your day in recent days?
Today we welcomed Mr.Itagaki to give us a wonderful lecture, titled
How to Lead Business to Give Impact for Society
-From the Viewpoint of Entrepreneur.

Mr. Itagaki introduced himself at first,
and shared his valuable experiences as a successful entrepreneur.
He also introduced several projects which are very effective to
promote patients' satisfaction by improving quality of hospital services.
After Mr.Itagaki's inspiring lecture,
he came to our lab.
And of course, we were also very glad to
welcome Thao from Vietnam and Louise from France,
who are joining summer school program in our university.
We introduced each other and shared our unique experience happily.


This is one cake we prepared for our guests.
We were so happy that our guests enjoyed foods a lot.
And we not only learned a lot from our guests,
but also know more about each other.


Today, we had the precious opportunity to
experience the empowerment from others viewpoint.
It was really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.
And we are looking forward to seeing Mr.Itagaki next time.

Yashu Yang

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