Thank you for your lecture, Prof.Ccada !

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Hello, everyone!
How are you in this week?
Today, we were so happy to welcome Prof. Ocada,
who gave us very interesting lecture,
titled Community Empowerment Based on Vision.

Prof. Ocada is very inspiring teacher.
He illustrated "vision″with interesting examples by photos and videos,
that was easy to understand for students.
And we all impressed by the speech of Martin Luther King,
which made us more understanding for the importance of vision.
Because "where there is no vision, the people perish.″

After Prof. Ocada' s outstanding lecture, he came to our lab.
We introduced each other
and asked a lot of questions to Prof. Ocada.
Prof. Ocada was very happy to answer our questions
and shared him unique experience to us.


Today, we had the precious opportunity to
learn more about empowerment from Prof. Ocada.
It was really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.

Yashu Yang

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