Welcome to our lab, Ms.Otsuki !

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How was your life in recent days?
Today,we welcomed Ms.Otsuki to give us a very wonderful lecture.
Ms.Otsuki was an excellent JICA volunteer who had been worked in Gabon for two years.
She talked about her experience in Gabon, and also about health system there.


This is one of the empowerment process which was designed by students.
Every student wants to help Gabon people more.
We were impressed by Ms. Otsuki lecture,
and the strength of her lecture moved us profoundly.

After finished the lecture, Ms.Otsuki came to our lab,
and we enjoyed lunch party together.
We introduced each other, and our members asked some questions.
Ms.Otsuki was very happy to answer our questions and shared her unique experience to us.


Finally, we had a group photo to eternalize the moment.
Thank you for your coming, Ms. Otsuki
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

Yashu Yang

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