Ms.Ochiai, Thank you for your lecture!

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How was your life in recent days?
Today,we welcomed Ms.Ochiai to give us a very wonderful speech
called Supproting and Empowering in Disaster Area.
Ms.Ochiai is an excellent volunteer.
She works in Ishinomaki, and has been empowering people who suffered Tohoku earthquake for four years.
We were impressed by Ms.Ochiai's lecture,
and the strength of the speech moved us profoundly.


After giving us the speech, Ms.Ochiai came to our lab,
and we had a very happy lunch party together.
We introduced each other, and Ms.Ochiai shared her unique experience to us.


This is the cake that we prepared for Ms.Ochiai.
We all felt so happy that
our guest enjoyed the cake a lot,
and of course,
We not only learned a lot from our guest,
but also exchanged our interesting opinions from each other.

Today, we had the precious opportunity to
experience the empowerment.
It was really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.

Yashu Yang

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