Welcome party for Professor Sally

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How is your day, everyone!
Ours are very meaningful and cool in this summer,
Because today we invited Professor Sally who comes from
--the land of the long white cloud--
New Zealand
to give us a speech.

The title of her speech is " Earthquake effects on older people in New Zealand"
As both China and Japan have suffered from the horrible earthquake like NZ in recent years,
more attention are paid to the post-earthquake traumer and recovery,
After the speech, we held a welcome party for Professor Sally,
during the party,
we share our thoughts and ask some questions we are interested over pizza!


Follwed our lab's custom,
here comes our delicious cake after the party.

Professor Sally,
nice to meet you!
Today we enjoy the great benefit of your instructions concerning the aging research.
Look forward to see you again.

Hello, Everybody,
Do you want to spend meaningful and productive days like us,
Join us!

By Wencan Chen

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