Tsukuba Conference 2023 Blog

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Hello, I am Ako, a first-year master’s student.
I would like to report on the Tsukuba Conference, which took place from September 26th to 28th. We had a total of over 10 participants, including both oral and poster presentations.

The oral presentations by Zhu Zhu san, Li san, and Cui san were truly outstanding. During the question and answer sessions, the audience was actively engaged, leading to stimulating discussions.

For the poster presentations, we were divided into groups for the first and second days. Before the poster sessions, we explained the overview of our research in one minute. It was my first time presenting in front of such a large audience in English, which made me quite nervous. However, my seniors encouraged me, helping me overcome my anxiety, which I greatly appreciated.
During the poster sessions, we received questions and comments from students and professors from different fields, enabling us to engage in fruitful discussions. Additionally, some lab members who did not attend the conference came to support us, asking questions and providing valuable advice.

Participating in this conference for the first time provided me with an opportunity to think about how to effectively communicate my research in a limited time and how to create a clear and concise poster. I aspire to improve my presentation skills and become as confident and logical as my seniors for next year’s conference.

I would like to express my gratitude to Anme sensei and our seniors for their valuable advice on the poster. Also, a big thank you to everyone who participated.





The Excitement of “Board Game for Empowerment” at the Lab

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I am Otik Widyastutik, a first year doctoral student at the empowerment lab. On September 23rd, 2023, we had a board game at the empowerment lab. Please allow me to record the excitement of the game we played with all Lab members, Anme Sensei, and also our amazing guests, they are Rokky-San, Toyoizumi-San, and Fujimoto-San.

On that happy day, after we had a lab seminar and then Global Health Nursing class, and also after we gave support to our lovely lab member to do her midterm presentation, we gathered at the empowerment lab to play a board game.

At the board game activity we had extraordinary guests, they are Rokky-San, Toyoizumi-San, and Fujimoto-San. The three guests were special guests because they had created a game to carry out empowerment. Rokky-San himself is a person who plays quite a role in empowerment, because he is the person who created several inspiring empowerment stories with white board animations on your YouTube channel. Fujimoto-San, we call her Nanako-San, her ability to speak 3 languages, there are Japanese, English and French, really helps the board game team convey the message of the game in details and explain how to play the game clearly. Likewise, Toyoizumi-San is a famous creator of board game.

The game started by dividing the group into 5 groups with 5 members each. Each group was treated to a game which is divided into 3 game sketches, namely adventure, skill up and mission. Each game expresses how we must be able to support each other and empower each other in a team to achieve success. The exciting part also showed when evaluating that creative game. The creative idea of this game is really extraordinary, because the game is aimed at all ages. Therefore, in the evaluation session, there was a lot of input that supported how the empowerment game could be even better. Starting from input regarding manuals or simple written guides, to details of all the tools used in each game. Those input from all lab members who played the game collected in order the game can be played as easily and as interestingly as possible, even for children.

The fun didn't stop there, it turned out that after completing the evaluation, all lab members were invited by the board game creator team to play a game with improvements to the evaluation results on 22th December, 2023 at the Tokyo Campus. It is truly a creative achievement and must be appreciated, especially if the aim is empowerment. We wish great success to the board game team for the creative game.

Summer Camp of Empowerment Lab on 26-27th August

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Hello, everyone! I am Zhao Ruifeng, a second-year Ph.D. student in our Empowerment Science Lab. I'm excited to tell you about the Empowerment Summer Camp in 2023.

We implemented a long-awaited hybrid strategy for the summer program this year. We were delighted to meet Ota sensei, who had traveled all the way from Okayama to Tsukuba to take part in the camp with us. There were also many other guests who were not able to come to the site, but participated in the camp online and had a great time with us.


The Empowerment Action Meeting and the Smile Action Meeting were held on the 26th in that sequence starting at 1:00 p.m. after we had officially welcomed Ota sensei to the Lab. At the beginning of the meeting, Anme sensei greeted everyone, the students introduced themselves, and the teachers and seniors who had joined online provided their recent reports after that. In the lecture part of the meeting, the speakers displayed their professionalism by presenting wonderfully about the topics that had been well prepared. We were impressed by the content of their presentations, and at the same time, we gained a great deal of cutting-edge knowledge from various fields, especially particularly those relating to childcare, and benefited a lot. After the meeting, which continued until 5:00 p.m., everyone who was offline, including the guest of Ota sensei, proceeded to a Chinese restaurant for the evening's dinner. Everyone had a great time playing games, drinking, and talking over the dinner, and it was a very enjoyable and satisfying way to close the first day of camp.


We traveled to the Tsukuba Space Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Tsukuba City early on August 27, the second day of the camp. During the tour, we followed Anme sensei and paid attention to her explanations. As a result, we learnt a great deal of information that we wouldn't often have access to, which widened our knowledge and deepened our insights. We enjoyed ourselves at the German beer restaurant around midday.


We got to know one another better via this camp, and Ota sensei kindly invited us to come to Okayama, where she lives, for next year's Empowerment Summer Camp. We are looking forward to next year's summer camp!