Welcome party on 21st June

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Hi everyone! I'm LUO QIHANG, a research student in our empowerment lab.
How was your life these days?

Yesterday, our research lab had the privilege of welcoming back two esteemed seniors who shared their latest research findings with us. It was an enlightening session filled with valuable insights and fruitful discussions. In this blog post, we will show you the presentations given by Wu and Kim, highlighting their research on intergenerational responsibility and intervention strategies for children with disabilities, respectively.

Wu's Research on Intergenerational Responsibility:
Wu san presented his research on intergenerational responsibility. His study aimed to explore the correlation between economic income, clarity in responsibility allocation, and happiness levels. According to Wu's findings, there were three key conclusions. Firstly, families with higher economic incomes tended to experience higher levels of happiness. Secondly, when responsibilities were clearly defined and allocated among family members, overall happiness increased. Lastly, Wu expressed his hope for government support and subsidies to facilitate the fulfillment of intergenerational responsibilities.

Kim's Intervention Strategies for Children with Disabilities:
Another senior, Kim san, shared her research focused on children with disabilities. She employed the use of the IRS to assess behavioral corrections in these children. She also showed us a new way to intervene to improve children's behavior. Over three years, the children underwent six IRS tests to evaluate their expressive abilities. Kim's study revealed promising results, as it was observed that the children's expressive capabilities had improved over time. This research offers hope for effective interventions and support systems to enhance the lives of children with disabilities.

The research shared by Wu and Kim left a lasting impact on our research community. It shed light on important factors influencing happiness levels and highlighted the significance of clear responsibility allocation in families. Wu's call for governmental support serves as a reminder of the need for collective efforts to promote intergenerational well-being.

Kim's research, on the other hand, provided us with insights into practical intervention strategies for children with disabilities. By leveraging the IRS and conducting regular training, she demonstrated the potential for improvement in their expressive abilities over time. These findings have great implications for the development of tailored interventions and the improvement of support programs for children with disabilities.

A welcome party was held immediately afterward to welcome the two seniors back to the research lab, and we prepared a sumptuous meal and cake for the seniors and their parents. At the same time, we all actively asked the seniors for advice on current research problems and chatted with them while eating, learning, and progressing together.

It was a very meaningful learning experience, and we also wish the seniors well in their future research.

The blog of the Childcare Power Up Study Group meeting

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Hello,everyone. I am Ako, a first year MPH student from our empowerment lab.
I am happy to attend this event and write this blog for you.

We had the Childcare Power Up Study Group meeting at zoom and this was our first meeting of the year. First we introduced ourselves and I realised that this is a wonderful opportunity for professionals working with children from all over Japan to come together and improve their skills.


Then we discussed the business plan. First, the Smile Action Study Group will be held on 15 September, 15 December and 15 May. The training camp will be held on 26th and 27th August. Regarding the seminar, we would like to focus on improving childcare facilities for both children and caregivers through evidence-based childcare. This year not only the lecture but also the workshop will be necessary to help the participants understand. We in the Future Plan team have been talking about promoting the development of support tools to help parents and professionals. We thought we needed the teachers' opinion.

We are looking forward to seeing how this workshop develops this year. I will also do my best to contribute as a member.

IRS AI seminar on June 1st

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Hi everyone! I'm LUO QIHANG, a research student in our empowerment lab.
How was your life these days?

We have good news! We are in the process of developing a childcare AI app. We held a seminar to exchange ideas as well as to ensure the smooth development of the app, and I'll tell you the main points of this meeting!

First, the teachers and staff discussed and adjusted the schedule of the app development, followed by the discussion of the name of the app, the teachers and seniors agreed that "ふれAIあっぷ" was good after communicating and sharing their opinions. The teachers and seniors also discussed the trial of ChatGPT and confirmed the progress of cluster analysis and the problems related to animation analysis immediately afterward. Finally, the staff of Tech carefully introduced to us the service concept, service content, and prospect plan of our childcare app, which was awesome and I can't wait to see this app.

This seminar made me feel the charm and power of technology, and I hope our app development goes well, helping us empower children so they can grow up healthy.