Empowerment lab visited Tobishima

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Hi everyone. I’m Gao, the 1st year doctoral program student in empowerment lab. We visited
Tobishima Village on 1st and 2nd, May.

Our main task was to organize the questionnaires to be distributed during the year. First of all,
we would like to thank the staff of Tobishima Village and Anme-sensei for giving us this opportunity.

During the visit, members of our lab have gained a great deal of insight. We are aware of the
importance of teamwork for research work and have developed a tacit understanding as well.

In the meantime we have seen the revised questionnaire, which will help us in the next data analysis.

The most important thing in advancing project work is not technology, but communication,
which requires active and effective communication with relevant personnel.
图片 1
Figure 1
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Figure 2
图片 3
Figure 3
图片 4
Figure 4
(Figure 1~4 show the members at work.)

This visit was the start of this year's Tobishima research, and I hope that this year's research
will go well.