Jiao, Qian, Wang’s graduation party

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Today is a special day, our senior Jiao-san finally completed her doctoral degree
and passed the defense smoothly. At the same time, Qian-san and Wang-san also
successfully obtained master's degrees. To celebrate this joyous moment, we
organized a graduation party to share the achievements and happiness.

Jiao-san, Qian-san, Wang-san, were excellent students in our lab, and during the
research period, they published many high-level papers and participated in many
important projects. They have won many awards and honors. They not only have
excellent academic performance, but also brought us a lot of help and support in life.
As seniors, they are always willing to share knowledge and experience, and always care
and encourage us progress and growth. They are our role model and our good friend.

The graduation party was held in our lab, and we prepared a lot of delicious food and drinks.
Anme-sensei first expressed her warm congratulations and praise, and focused on Jiao's
doctoral research gave a high evaluation and affirmation, and also put forward expectations
and messages for her future development. At the same time, she also expressed her
gratification that Wang and Qian could stay in the laboratory for doctoral research. Next,
each of us gave a speech to the seniors who graduated, recalling the bits and pieces of the
seniors during the research period. There are sufferings, successes, failures, gains, and giving.
The video was filled with laughter and tears, which made us feel the difficulty and excitement
of our research career. Then, Jiao-san also expressed her gratitude and review, and she
thanked her mentor, classmates, friends, and family for pointing to her guide, support, and
accompaniment, looking back at the challenges and achievements she encountered during
her doctoral period, and also expressed her right Hope and confidence for the future. I wish
Jiao-san, Qian-san, and Wang-san a better future.

(Jiao-san, Qian-san, Wang-san with our senior members)

Jiao-san is about to leave the research room, and we are proud and happy for Jiao -san,
as well as encouraged and motivated by ourselves. We believe that Jiao-san will continue
to shine in the future and make greater contributions to the cause of science Tribute. We
will also study hard, follow in the footsteps of Jiao -san, and realize our dreams.

Smile action study meeting on 17th March

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Hello everyone, I am Luo Qihang, a research student in our Empowerment Lab.
I'm honored to share the Smile Action study meeting held on 17th March.

Sonoda-sensei presided over the meeting this time.

Firstly, oomaki-sensei gave the presentation, and his theme is to learn appropriate
nursery methods from inappropriate ways of instruction. In response to the incident
of child abuse by childcare workers in Toyama in December, he introduced the
definition of inappropriate instruction behavior, explored the reasons for the
emergence of improper instruction, and analyzed the mechanisms and backgrounds
of inappropriate instruction behavior, as well as how to deal with this problem correctly.
He focused on exploring the individual knowledge level of childcare workers and the
work environment. Finally, he called on everyone to work together to prevent abuse
in kindergartens and create a better growth environment for children.

Secondly, The theme of Sonoda-sensei's presentation is music therapy. She introduced
the definition and effects of music therapy from three angles: social, psychological, and
physiological. She taught music therapy's social, psychological, and physiological impact
from a practical perspective with rich and diverse music therapy forms in Germany and
Sweden. In addition, she emphasized music therapy's vital role in preventing children's
cognitive disorders. Finally, she pointed out that music also helps stabilize cattle's
emotions. Playing music in the cowshed can benefit the cows and relax the farmers,
which is significant for building a harmonious and symbiotic region.

Thirdly, Smarika san gave us her presentation, and the theme was the parenting
condition in Nepal. She first introduced the beautiful and unique Nepal and then
reported on the current condition of Nepal from economic, cultural, social, and religious
aspects. She also pointed out the parenting deficiencies in Nepal through the poverty,
educational problems, and educational disparities caused by gender.

Fourthly, Li san was the last presenter, whose theme was an interview survey related
to co-creating well-being. This study interviewed workers at the Fukuoka Toy Museum
and the Tokyo Toy Museum to understand their needs for well-being and to contribute
to the construction of a co-creating well-being society. The research results show that
the activities of the toy museums have great significance and help for children and staff
and are a vital force in co-creating a well-being society.
After the personal presentation, sensei also shared many different parenting issues they
have encountered in their work and personal lives and discussed solutions to these
issues together. As sensei shared their experiences and exchanged ideas, the meeting ended.


I learned from today's Smile Action meeting that we need to pay more attention to the
issue of child abuse and think more about what we can do to create a better environment
for children to grow up in.

We all enjoyed this smile action study meeting and look forward to the next one!

Blog of the Special Future Empowerment Café on 12th March

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Hello everyone. I’m Haotian Gao, a research student from our Empowerment lab.
It is my honor to attend this event and write this blog for you.

This café is the first Café which launched offline after the pandemic occurred.
We finally got through the COVID-19 outbreak. I wish all the things will go smoothly.

The topic of today’s café is From Despair to Hope: Empowerment for the Remaining
Hand and the Future. We are fortunate to invite Chihiro Yamada-san as our
presenter to share his experience and thoughts. When Yamada-san was 20 years
old, he was hit by a train and lost his dominant hand and both legs, and for a time
he became an inhabitant of a world of despair. Then he came out of despair and
lifted his spirits, became a writer and Youtuber. He has written a book called The
Track Will Go on to Everywhere.

After greetings from Anme-sensei and Watanabe sensei, Yamada-san started his

Yamada-san showed the differences of his body and the inconveniences of his life
with great humor. And then he talked about the accident he suffered. At that moment,
he was so upset to see this such a negative outcome, and even thought about a
week when he think about dying every day. Later, with the help and care of his
friends and medical staff, he gradually emerged from the shadows and set goals
in life. He began to practice climbing and climbed Mt. Tsukuba, after that he still
working towards climbing Mt. Fuji.

What impressed me most was his optimism as well as his strength. The famous
philosopher Nietzsche said: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. This quote
is a perfect illustration of Yamada-san’s credo and strong qualities in his life. His
process of recovering optimism illustrates the importance of empowerment in
individuals. And I also able to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese
medical welfare system from his story.


Wishing empowerment café can bring more energy to us.

Feedback Report of FGI Research at Tokyo Toy Museum on March 8th

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Hello, everyone. I am Zhang Zhizhen. It’s a great honor for me to record Li-san’s
wonderful presentation of FGI research in Toy Museum. At the same time, many
thanks to Tada-sensei, the chairman of Tokyo Toy Museum, for providing the
fantastic chance and venue for us to explore the new possibility. We also feel really
grateful to Ishii-sensei from Fukuoka Toy Museum for her warmhearted help and
all the volunteers for their positive participation.


After finished the FGI research in Fukuoka and Tokyo Toy Museum during the
last three months, lab members especially Li-san, Mastumoto-san, Wang-san
have worked really hard on the report of the research. They have shown us a
lot of useful messages about the purpose and motivation volunteers at Toy
Museum value the most. Volunteers found themselves enjoying the time they
spent in Toy Museum. They can establish not only beliefs in self-efficacy
but also emotional connection with other volunteers and people who participate
in the activities in Toy Museum.

Tokyo Toy Museum, which has been run for more than 15 years, has a longer
history than Fukuoka Toy Museum. Not only the residents of the neighborhood
where the Toy Museum locates, but tourists from other districts and even other
countries also enjoy visiting here. Among the volunteers who are still actively
participating in the activities of Toy Museum, there are surprisingly 40-plus have
been working for more than ten years. People's needs to communicate and to
recognize their own worth in communicating may be the reason for their long-term
commitment. The Toy Museum provides a platform for the realization of those needs.

As Tada-sensei said, a virtuous circle across generations has been built in the
museum setting, especially between senior volunteer and junior visitors. This can
be a good model that deserves to be extended to more cities, villages, and even
overseas countries. In addition, new human resource management skills and
artificial intelligence technology can also be integrated into the future construction
of the toy museum. We can see the limitless potential of the toy museum and we
are all looking forward to witnessing its influence to people all over the world one day.